Simon Blake

Simon Blake

Why does artist Laslo Seres prefer to paint heads over other subjects?

Laslo Seres is a Hungarian artist who believes that he is more an art restorer than a painter. In spite of this, though, this gentleman has made quite a stir in the art world with his art exhibition ‘Heads’ at the Hacienda Art Gallery. Laslo says he prefers painting heads to landscapes or still life as it feels closer and real and he doesn’t have to wonder what he has to do for his next painting.

Even with his casual approach, this artist has successfully sold 13 paintings out of the 27 on display at the exhibition. Every painting of his is unique, different in its own right, with every colour depending on the artist’s mood. Being an art restorer, Laslo Seres is well aware of the different brush strokes that can put life in a painting, and has made an excellent use of these in his brilliant paintings. A thorough follower of Indian art, he has quite a few favourites and wants to continue his beautiful rendezvous with India, as he never quite seems to get enough of this country of art lovers. No one’s questioning that!


Simon Blake

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