Lazslo Seres, the Hungarian artist likes being known more as a restorer than a painter. But after his successful show in Mumbai and now in the capital, he likes to take his paintings more seriously.

“My paintings are not portrayals, neither portraits, but the head, as the theme is a determined frame in which I can freely paint. They are impressions of the momental mood and have to be considered  like that”, says the artist.

After graduating from the Department of Restoration, College of Fine Arts, Budapest, and from the Department of Arts, Cooper Union of Art, New York, Seres has worked mainly as a painter and participated in individual and group exhibitions. Later restoration became his main activity. He restored mostly the wall pictures of museums but he also worked as the chief restorer of the Museum of Fine Arts. For the last couple of years he has been working mainly as a painter, and has had two successful individual exhibitions in Mission Art, Budapest, and in Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai.

His present exhibition being hosted by the Hungarian Cultural Centre is a true delight for art connoisseurs. The exhibition will be on view for public till March 15, 2009 (weekdays only from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm).


Archana Sethi

Staff Reporter

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